ROMEO SOZZI A notebook permanently in his pocket. Pen, pencil. Romeo Sozzi, the symbol of Promemoria, takes notes instinctively and for passion. He scrutinizes a form and sketches it. Romeo lives the idea, and slowly transforms it manually into a product. He selects and captures the nectar of things and of situations. It is not about “a lot”, nor “everything”, not even “too much”, but it is about only the best, the truly well made, the enthusiasm. “BEAUTY IS GOOD.”

As the third generation of specialized wood craftsmen in cabinet making and restoration, in the seventies, Romeo Sozzi made his debut in interior decoration. Since 1988, he has managed his company, Promemoria, together with his three sons. In time, Promemoria has become not just a producer of internationally high profile furnishing, but a test bed of innovative design.


Romeo Sozzi was born in Valmadrera in 1948 and studied at the Accademia di Brera, Milan.

A true love for his homeland, Romeo has always lived in the Lecco area, in the heart of the natural beauty but a short hop from the big city. He has managed to transmit to his three sons the sense of family unity which has tied the family for generations through affection and profession.