NEWS / Deck the Halls with MOIE Holiday Decor Tips!

Deck the Halls with MOIE Holiday Decor Tips!


Published by MOIE, December 18, 2018

Get every inch of your home into the holiday spirit with our simple decorating ideas!

Fruits will add sweet fragrance, brighten your home corners, and make it alive! Place your favorite vibrant fruits in the heart of your home for a sense of freshness.


Decorating with blankets and throw pillows can bring a festive feeling into your home and surely will bring warmth and comfort into your living spaces. Drape it over the sofa for an instant holiday charm or layer it with a couple of themed pillows to take your seasonal decor to the next level.


Adorning homes with ornaments is an old tradition on festive occasion.  Arrange a few succulents in a centerpiece, and wrap decorative objects in cheery mantel for a touch of jolly holiday!


Say goodbye to that jumbled pile of cards on your counter. Instead of tossing the holiday cards from your loved ones into a forgotten box, you can turn them into creative decor.


Feathers are like the first snow of winter, pure and fluffy. If you have a collection of feathers, use them for a unique display and extra warmth!


Stockings are a staple to the Christmas decor. While the ideal place for its decoration is by the fireplace, there are other places to hang stockings as well, like stairs, walls, chairs, to table top.


Now, all you have to bring to the table is happiness and people to share these happy feelings with!