NEWS / Locherber Milano: The Art of Scenting Interior

Locherber Milano: The Art of Scenting Interior


Published by MOIE, August 12, 2019

Luxury Italian fragrance brand, Locherber Milano known for its passion for ancient and modern art applied to the world of scenting interiors now available at MOIE.

Scents determine the immaterial architectures of our life. They arouse emotions and memories, and accompany moments.

The exclusive fragrances by Locherber Milano are designed to make places and situations special. Unique and all-embracing creationsare the result of more than 40 years of experience in the cosmetics sector, of natural active ingredients and carefully selected raw materials. It is a new concept of fine livingthat takes know-how to an artistic dimension, based on all-Italian creativity.

Locherber Milano pursues harmony generated from a balance of the five senses and can even include a sixth, that archaic and primitive power in each one of us, which inevitably drives us towards beauty and well-being.

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The product selection includes hand-painted glass bottles (to increase the ability to reflect light), different types of stoppers (in wood orclay) that recall classic decorative art or natural shapes, jacquard fabrics for labels, as well as fine wood. Every detail is painstakingly researched. Nothing is left to chance but is the outcome of careful and rational choices. Locherber Milano’s diffusers thus become furnishing items and an integral part of an interior project.

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