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Make Room for Rimadesio!


Published by MOIE, September 25, 2017

Anticipate a refreshed look at our Pacific Place showroom dedicated to this highly-stylized interior solution.

To offer a finer experience, we’re expanding our Rimadesio area at MOIE Pacific Place. The living section will feature collection that combines technological innovation with stylistic variety to create a dynamic space between function and aesthetic.

Wind is the archetype of the bookcase in the new interpretation by Rimadesio. A modular system combining aesthetic lightness and technological innovation. The focus of the project, entirely in aluminium, is represented by the union between extruded shelves and die-casting uprights, in central and terminal versions, which with their exclusive design define the aesthetics of the system.


Lightness, transparency and ability to separate and at the same time connect. References to Far East are evident in Soho, the collection of sliding panels that refers to typical sliding partitions and furnitures that identify traditional Japanese houses. Brought back in a contemporary context and with updated materials,  this airy divider, that plays with wood grain to dialogue with horizontal and vertical space elements, has a sophisticated taste and enlighten every room.


Cover freestanding is a system of cabinets with aluminum frame and glass doors, side panels and back panels. Designed to meet every functional and design needs of the contemporary interiors, the system allows to create perfectly tailored linear or corner compositions, with integrated access to walk in wardrobes or service areas.


Zenit is the innovative sectional system to furnish living-rooms and walk-in closets, conceived to display and storage, suitable for each part of the home.A versatile system where each element can be freely positioned in the desired number and at the desired height.