NEWS / Minotti 2016 : A New Home Attitude

Minotti 2016 : A New Home Attitude


Published by MOIE, May 1, 2016

A new approach to living space. Not just “une machine à habiter”, as defined by Le Corbusier, but also a theatrical backdrop for our emotions and, ultimately, our lives.

The inspiration for the “2016 Collection // A New Home Attitude” can be found precisely in this newfound centrality of the contemporary habitat.



A stylistic unfolding of the way living environments are conceived that shies away from contrivance in favor of an elegant simplicity devoid of affectation, combined with seamless stylistic dialog between indoor and outdoor decor.

Inspiration and influences from different cultures merge naturally in a versatile collection that conveys a lighthearted air and undeniable joie de vivre.



Designed by Rodolfo Dordoni, the 2016 collection echoes the changes in the realm of furnishings and decor and interprets the increasingly widespread need to live one’s space by fully enjoying every part of it, including the outdoors. A versatile seating system open to accessorizing with a selection of complementary pieces – armchairs, coffee tables, tables, chairs, storage elements – to compose a new attitude to domestic design that conveys relaxed elegance and a fluid style that that can be found in outdoor settings, in an exciting play of visual associations between indoors and out.


Through the Outdoor 2016 collection, the sophisticated elegance and unrivaled comfort that distinguish the interior design products are expanded to include the outdoors – garden, patio or veranda – thanks to an impassioned quest for the right materials, carefully selected to resist wear and weather.


The Indiana and Virginia “Outdoor” series both place the material at the heart of the project – the versatile and luxurious iroko wood – skillfully shaped in enlightened balance between classicism and modernity.

An vast collection of chairs, with bold personalities, around which a series of accessories revolves – tables, coffee and accent tables, a rug – that all work together to form different interpretations of outdoor space, creating a sophisticated play of visual associations with the interior decor.