NEWS / Minotti Outdoor: A Cozy Summer Escape

Minotti Outdoor: A Cozy Summer Escape


Published by MOIE, August 1, 2018

Looking forward to enjoy the outdoor with maximum confort? The new Minotti 2018 outdoor collection is your perfect company for a bask in the sun!

Minotti 2018 Outdoor collection originates from the desire to give an identity to open-air spaces, with elements of great comfort and flexibility and with continuity between in and out. The furnishings seamlessly migrate from the interiors to the exteriors, maintaining their innate elegance and high comfort, composing a living space that dialogues with the surrounding architectural and natural context.  The boundaries and the fractures between indoors and outdoors have been cancelled enabling an uninterrupted landscape to take shape and allowing the full enjoyment of living en plein air.

The Japanese Metabolist architecture of the Fifties and the Sixties, defined by modular volumes, inspired Marcio Kogan to develop the Quadrado concept, an ideal system to furnish large open-air spaces, even of considerable sizes, where you can immerse yourself in nature and relax.

21080_z_QUADRADO-GALLERY-09Inspired by the American modernism of the Fifties, Prince “Cord” outdoor lines are underlined by the aluminium base made with a sophisticated die casting process and painted in glossy Pewter or White with an “orange peel” effect.


In the wake of a reinterpretation of the forms of the Fifties, York “Cord” is the outdoor version of the homonymous seat conceived for the 2012 Indoor collection. York has been re-edited in this outdoor version as an invitation to experience the living room both in and out, as suggested by contemporary lifestyles.

A piece of furniture marked by a strong personality, the Van Dyck “Outdoor” table can be combined with York “Cord” and gives a unique character to all open-air areas.