NEWS / MOIE x Indonesian Luxury: Beyond Art and Design

MOIE x Indonesian Luxury: Beyond Art and Design


Published by MOIE, August 7, 2017

MOIE in collaboration with Indonesian Luxury presenting "Beyond Art and Design" exhibition 29 July - 27 Aug 2017 at MOIE Pacific Place Jakarta. Featuring artwork collection curated by ISA Art Advisory, the concept is to bring collective aesthetic power of great art, great furnishing, and design together.

Beyond Art and Design is a special exhibition with Indonesian Luxury, the new online resource offering the public the best in art, design, design services, and luxury real estate.

Hosted by art and design lovers Jeannie Jusuf, Linda Tan, Roland Adam, Ezra S.T. and Kezia Karin, the exhibition feature works curated by ISA Art Advisory ranging from Western and Asian artists such as RETNA, Tom Wesselmann, Izumi Kato, Jonathan Meese, Mimmo Rotella, Nyoman Darya, Pupuk DP and Angki Purbandono,

The exhibition has a wide range of variety from Indonesian contemporary photography to American graffiti art for every taste, style and budget.

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