NEWS / The New Vision of Minotti at Salone del Mobile Milano 2019

The New Vision of Minotti at Salone del Mobile Milano 2019


Published by MOIE, April 29, 2019

2019 marks the affirmation of a new stylistic language of Minotti that embraces a fresh new approach to décor. See their new vision in interior design, mixing different styles, and welcoming the voices of designers from different cultural backgrounds inside.

A compositional language of striking impact – that takes shape through organic and fluid forms that design the space and mould the surfaces with a three-dimensional effect – has created a dynamic and engaging exhibit space of 2,000 sqm on two levels.

A series of unexpected elements characterised the space, divided into two areas, such as the large circular embrasure opening in the ceiling that welcomed guests in the central area.

In response to the idea of a large living area, the exhibit space was organized into relaxation, dining, conversation and outdoor zones: a particularly radiant mood, where the spectrum of colours, created exclusively for the fabrics and leathers, has emphasized the plasticity of the shapes and the choice of materials, and has highlighted the textures of the surfaces, suggesting the idea of a home that hosts nature within it.

On the upper floor, with access through two important helicoidal staircases, a selection of new products has given shape to Minotti’s Hospitality vision, in a succession of conversation and relaxation areas with an intimate and elegant atmosphere.

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