NEWS / MOIE in Alex Bayusaputro's CASA
EDITORIAL May 17, 2016

MOIE in Alex Bayusaputro’s CASA

Alex Bayusaputro of Genius Loci uses Promemoria pieces for his living and dining room setting at CASA by BRAVACASA exhibition.

EDITORIAL May 17, 2016

MOIE in Hidajat Endramukti’s CASA

Special report of CASA by BRAVACASA exhibition speaks of Hidajat Endramukti's oriental living room that features some of MOIE furniture.

EDITORIAL May 17, 2016

MOIE and Fashion

The OTELLO club and NEW YORK table was featured on a fashion photoshoot for Dewi magazine. Check also more of our products inside!

EDITORIAL May 17, 2016

Timeless Modern Classic

What a sweet surprise! We found some of MOIE stuff on RUMAHKU Magazine on their featured article "Keabadian Klasik Modern"!

EDITORIAL May 16, 2016

Life Inherited

MOIE collection beautifully complement the space of Hidajat Endramukti and Kinez Riza's dwellings.

EDITORIAL May 16, 2016

Home Comforts

Check out some of our 2012 collection introducing a brand new indoor NOVITA sofa launched at the annual MOIE Summer Party.

PRESS RELEASE May 16, 2016

MOIE Summer Party 2012

MOIE Summer Party 2012 introduced some of the new outdoor collection and Promemoria new arrivals. The cocktail bash featured an exclusive showing of Sebastian Gunawan's latest summer fashion "Summer Sensation". It was surely a vibrant and cheerful festivity!

EDITORIAL May 16, 2016

MOIE Luxurious Masterpiece Collection

Some of MOIE new collection including Roland Adam's Colonial tea table, Promemoria's Michelle mirror, J. Robert Scott's Ombre collection, and Kevin Reilly's Bridle chandelier.

EDITORIAL May 16, 2016

Colonial Collection by Roland Adam

A closer look at Roland Adam's Colonial collection in collaboration with MOIE.

EDITORIAL May 16, 2016

MOIE Wonderful New Collection

MOIE launched SEBASTIAN sofa and ATLAS collection in 2011 for furniture enthusiasts who look for a classic yet modern style that goes together within one room.