NEWS / The Profound Musing of Lucent Reverie

The Profound Musing of Lucent Reverie


Published by MOIE, December 9, 2019

Inspire by lucid daydream, The Lucent Reverie draws us to the spellbinding state of being pleasantly lost in one’s thought. A profound musing of beautiful dream.

MOIE and Kezia Karin friendship dated back to more than 10 years ago. Although we’ve been having professional relationship with Karin for years, this is the first time MOIE collaborated with Karin for an art installation. We want to bring something new and fresh to represent Tom Dixon.

What is Lucent Reverie?

“When we daydream, we’re surrounded by lights – that’s what we want to have in the installation. We want to create an area where people are surrounded by lights. We want to create an environment where there are reflections of lights, not only as a direct source of light.”

Karin wants the wall to catch the reflections of the lightings and create blur effects.

“We want it to be abstract.”

Karin also uses dark and reflective flooring, “We want people to feel they’re not walking but floating. We want to dissolve the floor and bring out the lights.”

According to Karin, the process of designing The Lucent Reverie was fast and flowing naturally. The idea was to create a curved, layered, and translucent installation. Started out with sketching, Karin then figuring out how the installation should able to capture the reflection of the lightings while also emitting a blurry effect. Next step was looking for the materials capable of making this possible.

Karin sees Tom Dixon collection as contemporary, fresh, and playful. “His lightings tend to be the centerpiece and point of interest of a space, complementing the interior styling. You can’t hide Tom Dixon lighting, you have to show it and blend it with the environment.”

When asked about the importance of lightings in interior design, Karin considers lighting to be an essential element, “You can change the atmosphere and ambience of a space just by choosing a different lighting”.

What are Kezia Karin tips on finding the right lightings to create a compelling yet comfortable atmosphere?

“Define your concept first. Do you want something bright or moody? And then you work from there. Figure out the furniture you have and the color scheme of the room. When you choose lighting, make sure it complements the concept of the whole room and not just randomly put a lamp into a room. To me, picking a decorative lighting is either you want to conceal it or show it, not in between.”

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