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Promemoria Home : The Atelier of Beauty


Published by MOIE, April 25, 2019

At Salone del Mobile Milano 2019, Promemoria presenting "The Atelier of Beauty". A concept of a true home; a place where we live side by side with art and comfort creating a symphony of harmonious synergies.

The houses that we love end up resembling us. They reflect us and speak about us more than words can. The house is the storeroom of our most intimate property. It is at the same time a place of reception where we welcome, meet and live side by side. It is our reserved space where we can dedicate ourselves to study and reflection.

Promemoria 2019 presents its own “house” which thanks to the space, albeit illusive, has been designed with all the prerogatives of a real house. An authentic Atelier of Beauty. Here, Promemoria talks about its philosophy and about its history through new products, through those already well known and through those which are quite spectacular as one would expect of a special occasion.

There are two reasons why the Promemoria stand appears like a true home. The first is to show the new pieces in a real context, suggesting how they might be used in a broad setting. The second is to extol the virtues of our company to provide 360° solutions as we have done throughout the world.

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