NEWS / The Quirky Expression of Maison Dada

The Quirky Expression of Maison Dada


Published by MOIE, March 9, 2020

Created in Shanghai by Thomas Dariel and Delphine Moreau, Maison Dada was born out of the wild dream to inject a dose of Dadaism into everyday life.

Maison Dada develops furniture, lighting, rugs and accessories with in mind the desire to create the unexpected from ordinary objects, the will to harmonize dreams and reality.

Maison Dada creates objects that are gently crazy, defying certainty, taste and gravity. The style is poetic, bold, playful, daring and based on the belief that everybody deserve inspiring and meaningful design.

MOIE is delighted to announce that Maison Dada has joined our family of exclusive brands. The collection is available at MOIE Pacific Place.


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