NEWS / The Sculptural Lights of VENICE M

The Sculptural Lights of VENICE M


Published by MOIE, September 25, 2017

New Italian lighting brand available at MOIE. Steal the spotlight with VENICE M!

VENICE M is an Italian-based lighting design studio founded by Melissa Lunardi and Massimo Tonetto. Tailored by artisans and hand-crafted in detail, VENICE M aims to create unique and innovative lighting sculptures with the virtue of traditional Italian craftsmanship.

Mondrian takes its name from Dutch artist Piet Mondriaan. The designer, Massimo Tonetto is inspired by his abstract language of art that envisioned universal applications.


Kitami, delicate lines that touch each other, creating light and structural composition where space is defined in artistic way by the luminous ends.

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Zoe is the metal ring of harmony, cohesion and perfection. The jewel of light.

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Circle creates a perfect atmosphere through games of light all around.


Games of reflected light, transparency, and volumes characterized Crown elegant chandelier in Murano blown glass.

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