NEWS / VIBIA Musa: Touch of Lightness

VIBIA Musa: Touch of Lightness


Published by MOIE, August 1, 2018

Back to nature this Summer! VIBIA collection Musa is lamp of organic quality inspired by nature's poetic delicacy.

Created by Note Design Studio, Musa offers a delicate and elegant design where a symbiotic interaction is  established between the small hand blown opal glass sphere and the dish that holds and reflects it. Designed as a table lamp there is also a portable model with its own battery ending it complete autonomy. Its capacity of being able to work anywhere underlines its poetic physical form.

Its simple silhouette consists of two ovals: the circular bowl and the hand-blown, milky-white opal glass shade with the LED-powered bulb it cradles within its concave curves.

To create Musa, the designers began by painstakingly folding pieces of paper to create prototypes, followed by extensive sketching and 3-D printing of various versions.

The result? A smooth, circular bowl whose aluminum dissippator is cleverly tucked behind the glass so as not to disrupt the fixture’s organic, flowing form. A small, dim-able bulb nestles at its base captures the light and transforms it into a soft illumination.

Musa’s warm reflection is enhanced by a choice of subtle, earth-tone finishes: white, salmon, and mink.