NEWS / Promemoria Night Tales 2016

Promemoria Night Tales 2016


Published by MOIE, May 1, 2016

Night Tales, a collection for 2016: furniture which celebrates the "missing part of history", those hours of darkness and of dreams which inspire the creativity of our days.

Hazy images and shapes to enjoy even in twilight, in the intimacy of a home in its calmest moments. Secrets to discover and to share with those who deserve it: angles, details and little surprises which never end to enchant.

A true game of revealed secrets, as with the writing desk Au Bout de la Nuit: a sumptuous vision of morado, bronze and moro leather, a true treasure chest of elements which hide from sight and then reveal themselves to be admired. Embedded handles, open, LED lit compartments, hidden drawers in the writing surface for electric sockets. The technology is beautifully concealed but ever present, a true home office whose functionality, like the dark side of the moon, is hidden but inseparable from its linear beauty and imposing impact. A fusion of elegance of materials and practicality.

Plenilune, the coffee table in ebony, is equally imposing, perfect for hosting the tea ceremony or the colours and images of that fine hardbound book. A harmonious and full presence, a strong sweetness whose feet both reassure and seduce. A true icon of the night.

La Belle Aurore, the cabinet which, as its name suggests, is a true apparition, a discreet and hypnotic flash that illuminates the darkness. Only one side of its soul is exposed, the closed front of dark mahogany marked in the centre by a large bronze button, like a switch for turning on dreams. Or perhaps like a seal to be opened which reveals a bottle of Champagne to enjoy with a friend without telling the rest of the world. Whereas the inside is a different face: an aurora. Spaces to redefine, adjustable shelves, lights which reflect. All to be slowly discovered.

Nightwood bookcase which is the most elegant and intense emotion that we could wish for. A piece which has been designed and produced because in a world which tends towards the virtual, bookcases are important, and fortunately will always be present in our homes. Real books, made of paper, in which we place our hopes as free people. Structure in bruno mahogany, spacers in smooth medium bronze, case units covered in velvet, door and chest of drawers in smooth medium bronze, equipped with LED lighting.